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The Wearable Challenge, powered by Levels Health, invites you to join our 30-day program. We combine behavior psychology principles, such as commitment devices, with continuous glucose monitoring to help you improve your metabolic health.

By staking a daily amount of your choice ($5, $10, or $20), you'll maintain accountability and learn alongside a community of like-minded individuals. At the same time, you'll benefit from the Levels Health program, which offers real-time feedback on how your diet and lifestyle choices impact your metabolic health through biosensors like Dexcom CGMs.

With our challenge, you'll focus on keeping your blood glucose below 120mg/dL and checking in daily to hold onto your stake. On successful days, you'll not only retain your stake but also earn a share of the forfeited stakes from other participants.

Improve your health with the support of financial accountability, community, and advanced tech!
Complete this form to finalize your spot in the challenge. Already have a Levels subscription? Let us know on the registration form.

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