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You’ll stake $25/day to hold yourself accountable. You’ll then receive 2 Dexcom continuous glucose monitors and exclusive access to the Levels metabolic health program. For each day that you meet the challenge objective, you’ll keep your stake for that day. At the end of the challenge, you’ll pay for any missed days.
The challenge kicks off with 3 free days. You get 3 free days at the beginning of each sensor (6 free days total). You’ll use this time to experiment with your new sensor. After the trial days, your goal is to complete the challenge objective each day. Fail to complete the objective, and you lose $25 for that day.

Cost: $199 + $25/day stake

You'll pay $199 up front and then stake $25 for each of the 22 challenge days (you get 3 trial days at the beginning of each sensor). Do well, and keep your entire stake and only pay for the sensors while achieving your goals.
👉 Already have a Levels subscription? Let us know on the registration form and we’ll discount the sensor fee.